What college football programs are selling tickets at Costco?

College football is (almost) back. So head to Costco and grab some hamburgers for the tailgate…and your tickets to get inside the game?

Turns out that a number of college football programs are going the route of utilizing Costco to sell tickets, offering discounted ticket packages for consumers of the brand name chain.

Several Power Five schools are utilizing the box retailer to attract new fans to their games. With 800 locations nationally, it makes sense.

By the way, for those not familiar with Costco, it is “a membership warehouse club, dedicated to bringing our members the best possible prices on quality brand-name merchandise.”

For a little context, even the New York Yankees (the best team in the American League right now in the largest market in the country) are using Costco to help move tickets.


The deal isn’t quite this good. This is the king of deals for going to a college football game. That is, if you’re unwilling to try sneaking in with the band.


Check out what college football programs are utilizing Costco to help sell tickets.

(Also, these Angus frozen burgers at Costco are good, do yourself a real solid and pick up some).



Fresno State




South Carolina



Story originally appeared on Rutgers Wire


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