Justin Jefferson: Right now it’s Davante Adams, but ‘after this year, I’ll be the best receiver in the NFL’


Through two seasons, Justin Jefferson is off to one of the best starts to a career of any wide receiver in NFL history. In his spectacular rookie campaign, Jefferson caught 88 passes for a then-rookie record 1,400 yards and seven touchdowns. He was named a Pro Bowler and a second team All-Pro. In his sophomore season, Jefferson followed that up with 108 catches for 1,616 yards and 10 scores. He was again named a Pro Bowler and a second team All-Pro. 

Now, Jefferson has his sights set on a different title: best wide receiver in the league. 

“I’ll say after this year I’ll be the best receiver in the NFL,” Jefferson said, per Complex. “I definitely have to give it to Davante Adams as of now, him being so crazy and dynamic on the field. His route running is crazy, so I definitely have to give it to him right now, but I’m pretty sure after this year, it’s going to be me.”

Adams, who was traded to the Las Vegas Raiders this offseason, is coming off back-to-back seasons being named a first team All-Pro. He’s caught at least 100 passes in three of the past four years, as well as scored double-digit touchdowns in five of the past six. His average receiving line over the last four years is 108-1327-12, and that’s despite missing eight games due to injury during that time.

According to Jefferson, at least, he’s got a bit of a ways to go to catch Adams for the title of the league’s top wideout. He knows that in order to get there, he’s going to have to be even better than he was a year ago, which won’t be easy. 

“It’s definitely tough to outdo 1,600 yards,” he said. “It’s not normal for people to get that many yards consistently, back-to-back like that.”

Once he achieves this next goal, he’s got bigger things in mind. Gold jacket things. 

“I’m just trying to be up with those greats, trying to be next to them in the Hall of Fame,” Jefferson said. “I didn’t expect to be on top of the league this soon, but all of the hard work I’ve done and all of the things that I’ve sacrificed in my career and in my life to make myself this type of player, it’s definitely a blessing to have all of these things come to me so soon.”



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