Commanders owner Daniel Snyder now set to testify before U.S. House committee, per report


Almost three weeks after the U.S. House of Representatives’ Oversight Committee, one of Congress’ top investigative units, announced its intentions to subpoena Daniel Snyder, the Commanders owner is now set to testify before the committee on July 28. Still investigating the workplace culture of Snyder’s franchise, as well as the NFL‘s handling of the matter, the committee on Tuesday accepted Snyder’s recent offer to appear virtually for questioning, according to WUSA in Washington, D.C.

Karen Patton Seymour, Snyder’s attorney, issued a letter to the committee last week indicating Snyder’s willingness to testify under certain conditions, per WUSA. Snyder had previously declined to appear alongside NFL commissioner Roger Goodell at the committee’s most recent public hearing, citing previous travel plans and concerns over “due process” pertaining to potential questions from Congress. Now, the committee is planning for a testimony that “will not be restricted” on July 28, per WUSA.

Specifically, that means the committee wants Snyder to officially testify under a subpoena as opposed to voluntarily, according to ESPN, because a subpoena dictates the “testimony will be full and complete and … not restricted in the way it would be if the deposition were conducted voluntarily.” Snyder’s attorney is officially still reviewing the committee’s re-issued subpoena.

Snyder was in France during the last hearing and remains overseas for travel, his attorney informed the committee, with plans to visit Israel on a family trip extending into August. But he offered to “make himself available for a voluntary appearance by Zoom,” with Seymour likely to travel to Israel to represent him, presumably during the committee’s next hearing.

Snyder’s concerns over the committee’s last hearing, in which Goodell argued the Commanders owner has been properly disciplined for Washington’s prior workplace issues, included having no assurances from the committee regarding the scope of questions during his testimony. Snyder himself has faced, and denied, new allegations of sexual assault or misconduct by former team employees since the committee began investigating the Commanders’ culture last fall.

Technically, he has not overseen daily operations as Commanders owner since the NFL in 2021 imposed financial penalties on the team following its own investigation into claims of persistent harassment inside the organization.



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