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A Brief Guide To Data Science Boot Camps For Successful Career

Currently, the demand for data science professionals is larger than ever and it is going to increase in the coming years because organizations have started to realize the importance of data and data science to boost their businesses. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the role of data scientists only is expected to grow by 26.2% by 2030. Not just that, the WEF has also stated data science jobs to be the 5th fastest-growing jobs in the world.

So, if you are thinking of which career to go for, then a data science career can be one of the best options to consider. In that case, data science boot camps will help to add immense value to your career.

What is a data science boot camp?

Data science boot camps are intensive data science training programs that focus on helping students and young professionals gain the necessary data science skills and knowledge required to enter into the world of data science.

A boot camp program can last for several months depending upon its curriculum and training mode. It covers a wide range of data science concepts such as programming languages (including Python and R), statistical analysis, machine learning, data visualization, communication, etc.

Who is it for?

Data science boot camps can prove to be very beneficial for individuals with various backgrounds who are looking to:

  • Start or transition their career. Boot camps will help them gain basic knowledge even if they are from non-technical backgrounds to help them get started with their data science career.
  • Upgrade their current skill. As the data science boot camps include the latest and current data science tools and technologies, data science professionals who are currently working in this field can enhance their current knowledge and upgrade their skills.
  • Fast-paced their learning. Bootcamps are fast-paced/accelerated and focused data science training programs that will help you learn faster as compared to traditional university degrees.

Things to consider in a Data Science Bootcamp

There are numerous data science boot camps available and therefore students and data science professionals must choose the program carefully and consider the following points before enrolling:

  1. Learning format

Boot camps can come in various formats such as online programs, instructor-led offline classrooms, or hybrid mode. So, consider which learning style best suits you to make the right choice.

  1. Curriculum

Ensure the boot camp you are opting for contains the curriculum that covers basic data science concepts that you want to learn such as statistics, machine learning, data manipulation, and application of various data science tools and programming languages.

  1. Time commitment

Also, consider the time commitment needed to complete the boot camp you are choosing. Some are available full-time and some are part-time or available in flexible schedules. So, choose the program that aligns with your existing commitments.

  1. Career support

Always choose the program that can provide career coaching, resume, and portfolio development assistance, and job placement support.

Top Data Science Bootcamps

Boot campJob GuaranteeMentorshipPrice
General AssemblyNoYes$16,450
Flatiron SchoolNoNo$16,900
NYC Data Science AcademyNoYes$17,600

General Assembly

It is a full-time program helping students and professionals looking to transform their careers in data analytics. This course empowers them with predictive modeling, pattern recognition, data visualization skills, etc. through practical capstone projects.


Tripleten’s data science boot camp takes around 8 months to complete. It offers a flexible online format so that students and professionals can learn at their own schedule by giving at least 15-20 hours a week.

Flatiron School

This data science boot camp from Flatiron School helps individuals who are already working with data, or who are completely new to this field to understand various data science concepts effortlessly. This program is available in both full-time and part-time schedules.

NYC Data Science Academy

This boot camp from data science is of 4-6 months duration and is designed to help beginners master the fundamentals of data science. This is a flexible and project-oriented curriculum that enables students to learn data analytics at their own pace and complete 4 application projects.


This is a 6-month program equipping students and professionals with practical experience in statistics, calculus, computer programming, data visualization, and machine learning. It is led by industry leaders and mentors and will help you with real-world cases.

Alternative to boot camps

Though boot camps are a great way to learn data science skills rapidly, there are a few alternative options to learn the latest data science concepts as well.

You can choose data science certification programs that are designed for students and data science professionals with different levels of experience and expertise. You can learn the fundamentals, intermediate, as well as advanced concepts of data science through various online data science certification programs.

Then there are online courses and self-paced training programs available at various learning platforms. Universities and institutes also offer short programs to equip students and professionals with data science skills.

So, consider these options as well before enrolling in data science boot camps.


If you are looking to advance in your data science career, then these top data science boot camps can be a great option to master various data science concepts. Alternatively, you can also consider data science certifications and university programs to gain the latest data science knowledge and propel your career forward.

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